Reader Appreciation Award

I got nominated for a “Reader Appreciation Award” by Bethany Myers. This is a meme with the following requirements:

– Identify and show appreciation to the blogger who nominated you
– You must add the reward logo to your blog.
– Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
– You must nominate 5-10 of your favorite bloggers for this award.
– Inform your nominees that you nominated them.

Step one: Hi, Bethany! Bethany is my agency-sibling and also a fellow forum-member over at Everyone stop over and say hi!

Step two, post the graphic: Nope, sorry, not after the whole hubbub about people using non-copyrighted images and getting their butts sued for copyright damages. I have no clue if that image is in the public domain, but wouldn’t it be nasty for someone to start a meme requiring you to use an image, and then sue everyone using the image? They’d be all set for life. No thanks. Anyone who wants to can go view the image for themselves here.

Step three, seven things about myself:

1) I blogged today at QueryTracker about totally rewriting The Guardian to the point where it’s now a different book (different title, different author name, different text, different publisher…) ¬†There’s still time to preorder The Wrong Enemy, by the way. Every time someone does, Heifer International gets another dollar, so…please?

2) I also blogged yesterday over at Living The Sacrament about Mary, Elizabeth, the Visitation, and God saying “No thanks” when we offer to sacrifice something God doesn’t want us sacrificing in the first place.

3) I am very worried about this sick tree here in Angelborough. The leaves don’t look right, and they’re falling off.

Poor tree. This is what the leaves look like:

4) My violin-playing causes small animals to fall out of the trees.

5) I have neighbors who are glad it’s cold so I have to close the windows.

7) I can’t count

Step four: nominate five other bloggers for this meme. Okey-dokey.

1) My Patient Husband. I’m married to him. He keeps a blog for the sole purpose of recording his games. Won’t he be surprised when you all spike his stats?

2) Normandie Fischer, critique partner extrarodinaire, blogger, writer, editor. She’s also got a novel coming out next year, so watch her.

3) Amy Deardon, author of The Story Template, has both a personal blog and a writing blog. I reviewed her book back in May on this blog, and she also guest-blogged over at QueryTracker.

4) Ana (I’m not sure if you want your full name out there) has been a friend for over two decades and blogs about personal wholeness and healing over at Englightened Flower Wisdom.

5) Daniele Rossi is all over the web it seems. Graphic designer, podcaster, social media guru, you-name-it. He has the Stuttering Is Cool podcast and is just an all-around nice guy.


  1. Normandie

    Ah. Yes. Well. Fun?
    Sure, fun. (Clapping hands!)

    Jane, would you do me a favor and see where links go when I comment with the account? Does it go to my sailing blog, my writing blog, or into the ether?

    1. philangelus

      It goes to

      Don’t even get me started on WordPress IDs. I got forced into signing up for an account with Gravatar, and it wouldn’t give me Philangelus because someone (ie, me) already had an account on WordPress with that name. And I couldn’t login as Philangelus because there was no Gravatar account for Philangelus. So I made a new identity for Gravatar, and now that your WordPress ID *is* your Gravatar id, it won’t allow me to merge them or to delete them. So occasionally I get logged out of WordPress and forced into the other account and a comment gets lost in cyberspace because the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Nor any other body part.