Quick update — we’re back (Edited with How To Help NYC)

Power came back on.  Actually, the power company guy came and restored power after I pulled over on the side of the road next to the only power company truck still left in Angelborough. I pointed out that two separate guys had come out to inspect the line outside our houses on Halloween, promised to restore power that night, and it hadn’t happened. I said, “Website says only 8 customers are without power in Angelborough now, and they’re all on my block.”

The guy said, “Yeah, sounds like you fell through the cracks.”

Half an hour later, power was restored.

Then I got to look at all the pictures. 🙁  I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. The first things I found were the photos of where Breezy Point used to be, and then everything else. I kept thinking, “What have you done to my city?” but there’s no one to think it to, just a hurricane that blew through and then blew away.

If anyone can recommend a charitable organization that’s actually on the ground right now in Staten Island, handing out water, food, blankets — go ahead in the comments. I can’t load a car with stuff and head down there, so prayers and donations are the best we can do long-distance.



EDITED TO ADD: Kate has provided a long list of locations in Staten Island that will take material donations if you FedEx them there.  Also, there’s an article in the New York Times about how the Occupy Wall Street movement has mobilized to provide relief services in New York City, helping people who are stranded in buildings or have urgent medical and physical needs.


  1. Kate

    The Salvation Army is on the ground, from what I’ve heard. You could also google to find local food banks you can donate to directly. And whenever there is a disaster, there is an increased need for blood and plasma donations.

    1. philangelus

      Done! Thanks. Salvation Army. The problem I’d see with local food banks being that they also can’t get supplies in or get gasoline to drive them in. But according to their website, SA is working with FedEx (they donated $100,000 and also $100,000 in services) to bring supplies into New York, and that sounds like what’s needed most right this second.

      During the long-term follow-up, contacting local community organizations will probably be the way to go, though.

  2. Normandie

    I saw those last night, Jane, and hunted for folk to whom we could send donations. I ended up with the Red Cross, though I understand they’re not exactly on the ground in Staten Island. I wish I could have found a church or someplace that identified itself as a direct recipient. The only good thing I can say about the gift to the Red Cross is that some businesses were matching the donations.

    1. philangelus

      My husband’s amazing, awesome company typically offers to match donations after a disaster, but they haven’t named their target organization yet. THey may be just as flummoxed as I am by the size of the need out there. 🙁

      Catholic Charities typically is doing soup kitchen, food pantry, home-care, medical stuff — but they’re not updating their website or putting their PR machine into gear, so I have no clue if they’re actually mobilized right now. They would have been my first choice.

  3. Kate

    Catholic Charities may not be mobilized. They do great long term recovery work – as I saw in NOLA – but they aren’t a disaster relief organization and it takes time to get rearranged to fill the need.

    Can you collect some supplies and ship them via fedex? A friend of mine who has SI connections just posted this to Facebook:

    “How to help Staten Island. They need GOODS. The bureaucracy with major relief organizations makes actually donations to goods for relief a slow, slow process. Fed Ex is delievering to Staten Island. Send goods. THese locations are accepting in kind donations:

    -Congregation Ohel Abraham, 136 Amador St., Graniteville. The synagogue is collecting goods after 3 p.m. They need clothing, towels, hand-sanitizer “and any other basic items that people may need,” said George Laufer, president of Congregation Ohel Abraham.

    -Arena Restaurant, 4916 Arthur Kill Rd., Tottenville, is accepting donations and distributing hot food. “We will be distributing items to anyone who needs them — clothing, blankets, bottled water and more,” said Ralph Mattioli, Arena general manager. “People can come in to charge their iPones and iPads. We will also fill your cooler up for free with ice.” On behalf of the Emergency Children’s Help Organization (ECHO), Arena is accepting monetary donations for families in need, said Vinny Acierno, a board member with ECHO and co-owner of Arena.

    -Drunken Monkey Bar, 205 Forest Ave., Brighton Heights, is accepting clothing, canned food, blankets, baby wipes and more. “The items will be donated to shelters and families in need,” said Stephen A. Spinelli, attorney for the bar and its owner, reality television star “Big Ang” Raiola.

    -Rick’s Cafe, 695 Bay St., Clifton, is offering free, hot food to residents without power or displaced from the storm on Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m.

    -Worship & Praise Community Church, 11 Olympia Blvd., South Beach, is distributing hot coffee, juice, sandwiches, soup, canned food and baby food. They’re seeking donations of blankets, pillows, sweaters, shoes, baby diapers, baby formula and more. They also have free Wifi and places to charge cell phones available.

    -Wonica Realty on Manor Road in Castleton Corners will be accepting donations of seasonal clothing on Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The drive is being mounted by the Kiwanis Club in conjunction with Assemblyman Michael Cusick.

    -Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund, Partners in Sound and PRcision, is collecting donations at 18 Hervey Street in Rossville. People can drop off water, blankets and jackets that volunteers will be distributing directly to areas affected by the hurricane.

    -Waterfalls Italian Restaurant at 2012 Victory Blvd. in Westerleigh is accepting donations of any sort, including clothing, undergarments, water, food, batteries and more.

    -Canlon’s Restaurant, 1825 North Railroad Ave., in Oakwood is open and willing to help any neighbors in need of power to charge their phones or laptops. His ice machines are working, too, for those who need ice.

    -Isabella’s Hair Creations, 1210 Forest Avenue, West Brighton, accepting donations to benefit hurricane victims.

    – St. Joseph By The Sea High School is collecting donations of cleaning supplies, rubber gloves and clothing. “We need volunteers to drop clothing and supplies off to people,” Gina DeFranco, a St. Joseph’s by The Sea alumni Friday. They will be accepting donations until 4 p.m. on Friday and on Saturday between 12 to 4 p.m. The school’s locker room facilities are also open to any hurricane victims who need a hot

    – Ariana’s Grand & The Loft at Ariana’s Grand open its unfinished 3rd location to help hurricane victims at 192 Ebbitts Street. Owner & Chef Frank DiMattina and family will provide fresh hot meals as well as collect clothing, blankets, baby food, diapers, non-perishable foods and any other items for those in need. Donations can be made at the site from 10 a.m. Food will start serving at 12 p.m.”

    1. philangelus

      Thank you thank you thank you!!!

      My daughter’s girl scout troop leader really wanted to organize material donations, and this is perfect. I’ve sent it along to her.

      Thank you!

      1. kate

        Glad to help! I saw your post, then my friend jen who is from the area posted that list on facebook. It would be cost prohibitive for me to ship from canada, so I’m glad the info will go where it can do some good!