If writers wrote every scene like a sex scene

She shut the washing machine door with a gentle click, then extended her slender arm to the shelf where the detergent awaited. For two days now she’d hungered to tackle the clothes heap in the closet, her days filled with a longing to cast them into the laundry.

The linen-scented blue liquid only just filled the base of the screw-cap, but this would be enough. Wasn’t this after all a high-efficiency front-loader? But she didn’t need an instruction manual to tell her what her heart knew, unlike years past when in her youth she would splash out a whole cup of detergent.

Its glistening glory dripped into the detergent compartment, and she shut it with a gentle push of her fingertips.

And with determination, she turned the dial to “Normal Load.” At that point there was no return. With a soul filled with anticipation, she pushed the button marked “Start.”


  1. Normandie

    Jane, Jane, I can’t stop laughing. I’ll never look at laundry the same way again!

    1. philangelus

      Guess what I did right after I posted this? LOL.

  2. smazicles

    50 Shades of Grey Laundry? lol, funy read

  3. Bethany Myers (@br_myers)


  4. Kim Mullican

    I now have the giggles! Thank you. 😉

  5. cricketB

    Unlike most internet laundry scenes, that was written by someone who has done laundry before.

    1. philangelus

      Made. Of. Win.

    2. iGrrrl


  6. lexcade

    Wow. *casts longing glance toward laundry machine*

  7. Wendy Dinsmore

    Hahahahahaha! I need to send this to a friend.

  8. Jennifer Jensen (@jenjensen2)

    Hi, Jane. I followed you from your tweet on #mywana, and this is hysterical! I’m going to try it sometime, but I don’t think I can do it as well as you.

  9. seschoen

    Oh, Jane, that’s so hot! And the clothing was so in character!

  10. seschoen

    Every newlywed should read this story. It would save sooo many marriages!

  11. seschoen

    Excuse me, I need to go talk to my husband about … clothing.

  12. Ana

    😀 hahahahaha!

  13. Jeanne G.