I lost my mind. But you knew that.

Every so often, I lose my mind.

I mean, enough that even I notice what I’ve done. Enter yesterday. I still can’t remember how I ended up looking at TARDIS hats on Ravelry, but looking at them, I thought, “These are free patterns. I think I have yarn in the right color in that bin upstairs. AwesomeKid would totally wear one of those.”

AwesomeKid is one of Kiddo2’s friends, and a devout Whovian.

I found the yarn (ugh, RHSS) and the needles and cast on while helping Kiddo4 figure out the command line of Minecraft. Cast on 100 stitches, k2p2. And I zoned out.

Doctor Who Experience (8105520673)

We’ve begun watching Doctor Who ourselves in Casa Philangelus, with the older set watching the new series and the younger set watching Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee episodes (er, and the older set watching those too). I never saw the appeal when I was younger, but for some reason watching the new shows makes the older ones a lot more fun. Plus, you get to laugh out loud at lots of rubber monsters. (Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize, but the special effects budget just ran out. Please bear with us until the next check clears the bank.)

Davros and Daleks

At some point I realized two things:

1) I’d already knit the bottom two inches of the hat

2) I would  see AwesomeKid that day when picking up Kiddo2 from a meeting.

I thought, “I’ll never get this done by 5:15.”

And I was right.

Fortunately for me, they were having an extra-long meeting. I wasn’t picking her up until 5:45.

I really didn’t think I’d be able to do it. While knitting the final blue rows before starting the TARDIS windows, I was watching Youtube videos on how to knit Faire Aisle style, that way when I reached the windows, I’d be able to knit them rather than sobbing into my Red Heart SuperSaver True Blue yarn. I met a friend for lunch, showed her the hat up to the first row of windows, and she lied through her teeth and reassured me I wasn’t nuts.

I got home, let the kids in, gave everyone more computer time, and planted myself in the chair to do the charted letters that said POLICE BOX.

At 4:45 I started the crown decreases. At 5:29 I cut the final strand of yarn, pulled in the end, and said, “EVERYONE! We have to go pick up Kiddo2!”

I hope God was laughing as hard as I was.

At the library:

Me: AwesomeKid? If I knitted you a hat, would you wear it?

AwesomeKid, looking wary: Um, I guess.

Me: So you’d like this? {Pulls out TARDIS hat.}

AwesomeKid: Is that what I think it is?! {starts giggling and bouncing, takes hat, puts it on her head, proceeds not to take it off for the next hour} Thank you.

OtherFriend: …lucky…

It turns out the other friend is also a Whovian, and she told Kiddo2 she’d pay me money for a hat like that one. (Like I’d take money from her.) And then Kiddo3 said, “I want a TARDIS hat,” and this morning, Kiddo4 asked for one too.

I lost my mind.

It was worth it.


  1. Pat


  2. Lauren Lynch

    Coolest. Mom. Ever. (Don’t tell my son 😉

  3. Ken Rolph

    I was idly working through my blog visiting list and fiddling with the ends of my Tom Baker scarf. When I got to yours I sat up and pulled my hands downwards, almost strangling myself.

    My Tom Baker scarf was made in China. I wonder if you could knit one in a day.