Facebook and Heaven: an unlikely combo

On Saturday, blog reader Normandie Fischer finally convinced me to join Facebook. My Patient Husband had joined the week before, and finally I succumbed to the pressure. There were six friend requests awaiting me before I even got there.

I made my first post about how I’d caved, and shortly I started getting congratulatory messages. “Hey, you’re finally here!” “I never thought you’d get here!” “Oh, wow, it’s you!”

It’s been a week and I’m up to 103 friends, including (in no particular order) 27 people from my online parenting group, individuals from my high school, a couple dozen writers I never knew before, my 4th grade teacher, and students from the class I was in from 1st to 6th grade. (It was a continuing classroom, so all the same people, and we bonded.)

I’m thankful for the people who’ve messaged me along with their friend requests. “This is me under my real name, but you know me as BlueWing from the Underwater Kayaking group.”

I’ve found myself making the same kinds of comments: “Oh, wow! You’re all here!”

I’ve begun wondering whether that’s what happens in Heaven. When you get there, you’re only sure of a couple of people, the ones who met you at the door so to speak. God, of course. Your guardian angel. Your spouse. But then you start getting rushed: “Hey, it’s you!” “You’re finally here!” “I never thought you’d make it!”

And some people start ushering you through the initial confusion of what’s going on, while others just stand back and let you figure it out, and all along there’s this rush of “Oh wow, look what he’s been doing in the last thirty years.”

Plus the occasional person who comes up to you and says, “You don’t remember me, but I was the lunchroom monitor when you were in first grade, and I’ve been praying for you the last eighty years.”

I haven’t encountered any Facebook Drama yet, so let’s assume there’s none in Heaven, either.

At any rate, if you want to find me there, by all means do so. But if you don’t mind…please tell me who you are?

As an aside: I’ve had the same blog theme since it started, but the lack of “next” and “previous” buttons is finally getting to me. The theme may change in the next week or two. If it happens, you’ll know.

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  1. Loriendil

    I like your thought process of going from FB to heaven. Fantastic thought! I’m going to share it with my husband; with what’s going on, naturally, we’ve been discussing heaven a LOT lately. 🙂

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