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HAFT on AskDavid

Honest And For True got featured on AskDavid, so if you don’t mind, please go check it out, tell them what you think of the book, and maybe tweet it (you can hashtag it #FridayReads if you want it to…
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My daughter, Cinderella

We went out for Mother’s Day on Saturday, with Kiddo3 and Kiddo4 grumbling because they hate the desserts at the restaurant I picked. Not a problem. This is the kind of restaurant where they load your plate with a shovel, so…
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More 5K angst

After a conversation yesterday with my friend Judy​, I realized that Judy and I are both using exactly the same fact to argue for opposite things. She said I can do a 5K; I said I can’t. Today, when I…
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