LOLcats & what they teach us

Actually, this is self-explanatory. I just get a giggle out of it. moar funny pictures It’s kind of how I feel this year about Christmas preparation, Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, and Christmas music. It’s amazing how much LOLcats have gotten…
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out to lunch

You can’t make some things up, and this is one of them. One of my brothers told me this story last week, complete with names and locations (his wife recognized the people; I didn’t) but here’s the nitty-gritty: An individual…
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Maternity clothing

Maternity clothing is easily the thing I hate most about pregnancy. Morning sickness? Not bad: I spend eight weeks uneasy-queasy. Aches and pains? Eh. I deal with them. Total exhaustion? Chasing after three kids, I’m used to that. Unmentionable TMI…
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