Humor: Junk Mail

To Whom It May Concern

By Jane Lebak

Dear Mr. Michael Archangel:

Thank you for your support in the past. Due to your generous
prayer contributions we at the Principalities Protecting Young
People have helped save thousands of souls, and we are continuing
to intervene in the lives of at-risk youth.

Your prayers in the past have helped us prevent teens from
starting to drink, smoke, listen to Van Halen, and view Sylvester
Stallone movies. But now our need is more urgent than ever.

Can we count on you for a donation of fifty hours of prayer?
Every prayer counts in the war against evil on earth. The generous
prayers of those such as yourself who support our cause produce
immense good. If fifty hours is too much, please consider twenty-five,
ten, or even three hours.

God listens to our prayers, and the blessings showered on
the Earth due to our supporters’ prayers have changed thousands
of lives.

For the same effort it takes to ask God to make it rain, you
might be able to bless the life of a young person considering
the wrong friends, the wrong hobbies, and the wrong eternal destination.

Won’t you please consider contributing again as you so generously
have in the past? Thank you.


Absidiel, President

Principalities Protecting Young People


 Yes! I will gladly donate to

Principalities Protecting Young People
___ 50 hours of prayer ___ 25 hours ____ 10 hours ____ brief mention

If you prefer to contribute by fasting and sacrifice, fill out the form on the reverse.

Michael Archangel
7 Glory View Drive
First Circle, Heaven GR8 4EVR

Copies of our grace reports have been filed with the Lord and are available on request.


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