Carrying to Term

On February 28th, 2000, we went into an ultrasound room to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. Instead we learned our baby would die.

There wasn’t any kind of help for parents in that situation back then. We had 22 weeks left to love our daughter while she was in the world, but no guidance on how to do it. No one knew how to help with our emotions or how to help us make all the necessary decisions about the birth or her funeral.

I needed this book, but it didn’t exist, so I wrote it for everyone else instead.

This is my only nonfiction book right now, but I opened up everything and shone light in all the dark corners. I talk about the spiritual questions as well as how to deal with everyone who wants to help plus how to deal with the people who don’t want to help. And always the focus is on one thing: loving your baby. Rule One is to love your baby. It’s what you were designed to do.

This book is available in ebook form everywhere, and will shortly be availble in print as well. Buy it at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, or iTunes. If you’re not ready to buy it now, add it over at Goodreads.


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