Welcome welcome WELCOME!

Welcome! The laws of hospitality demand I offer you a drink and take your coat, but since I can’t do that, all I can offer are words and the promise of a few laughs.

I encourage you to make yourself comfortable. You can poke around the tabs at the top and learn about me and about my books, but there’s also a bunch of my free writing under that tab, and my blog contains … well, it contains my blog, and because I migrated it from a free site to here, every post says zero comments, and just about every one has several. (A good thing because I love my commentors and their insights and the banter they developed with each other over time.)

If you’re here looking for the Carrying To Term pages and Emily Rose’s story, please visit it here.

So anyhow, this is my abode where I’ll talk about angels and knitting, my strange family life, religion and music, cats, violins, writing, Catholicism, and always plenty of smiles. And if you really want, you can sign up for my mailing list and buy my books too.

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