Deep theological question #1

Today at daily Mass, Kiddo#3 found a spider drowned in the holy water font. I’d never seen that happen before.

So…does that make the spider a martyr?


  1. Ivy

    Hey, welcome to the blogiverse! 🙂 I don’t think the spider was a martyr, but does a dead arachnid make the holy water not holy any more?

  2. Trailgrrl

    I’m not Catholic, or observant of any faith. I did attend Mass as a child with my dad who had decided to convert for his girlfriend who ultimately dumped him for for a Mormon.

    That said, this observation cracked me up! I would go for Martyring the spider. Is the application for sainthood in the works?

  3. patricia Gonzalez

    Martyr …. maybe not! But baptized — definitely! Inundated with the water of life! Truly funny!

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