My Patient Husband speaks up

Last night, over cheesecake, I mentioned to my husband about the futility of getting a cheesecake to celebrate beings who don’t eat, and that my good friend said angels just appreciate being noticed.

I added that I guess it’s okay because we make a lot of food for Christmas, but Jesus doesn’t come over to eat.

My Patient Husband said, “Maybe that’s a good thing. The place is a mess.”
I said, “What if he shows up anyhow? Comes bringing a dessert and says, ‘I’ve chosen your house to spend my birthday’?”

My Patient Husband: Well, we’d probably have to put away some of the gifts we’d gotten.
Me: He’d say, “Hey, nice CD! What’s on this… Oh, dear.”
MPH, as Jesus: “Hey, what are you going to watch tonight?”
Me, as Jesus: “You know, we have a set of Heroes DVDs in Heaven too, but it’s had the violence removed, so each episode is only about 30 minutes long.”
MPH: We’d probably end up watching The Tick.
Me: Do you think Jesus would like The Tick?
MPH {after a thoughtful moment, frowns and says deliberately}: I think he would.

That’s what’s so neat about my Patient Husband. He has a gentle sense of humor and a love of the absurd. After reflection I agreed that yeah, Jesus probably would laugh at the gonzo humor in The Tick (the cartoon, not the wretched live-action thing from 2001) and he might enjoy spending Christmas evening in front of the TV with us watching a couple of episodes from the second season. If Christmas is about family and relaxing together, that might be a really cool ending to the day, don’t you think?

I’ll send the invitation tonight.


  1. Jason Block

    Welcome to the Blogosphere.
    Here’s a bit of absurdity. How do you get Him the invitation? Does Jesus have e-mail? Websites? Do you give him an Evite? How does He respond? What does Jesus bring for dessert? Surely, not Devil’s Food Cake? And if you have to send it snail mail…how do you get it there? 🙂

    Something to think about.

    Jason Block

  2. philangelus

    Jason, I’m not entirely sure. I guess I planned on doing something silly like composing an invitation in my head while praying (“Dear Jesus: You are cordially invited to a birthday celebration in your honor at the Philangelus household on December 25th at….”)

    But then I fell asleep at 8:30 last night while putting Kiddo#3 to bed, so I guess Jesus is going to have to wait for the invitation a little longer. I hope his social calendar doesn’t fill up! He must have that date booked for years in advance. (“Well, that’s wonderful, Jane! I can fit you in sometime in 2300 between nine and noon.”)