AAAAGH!!! Writer jitters

The editor of MindFlights let me know the announcement about my book went up, and a preliminary page for the first chapter is around.

I’m having JITTERS.

I know the point of writing a story is to have people read it, but I always have this moment of terror when something is about to go live. The more I love it, the more jittery I become.

It’s not quite live yet. And it doesn’t help matters that the editor forwarded me a list of corrections to the story (all dumb typos — half of them probably included when I was fixing other dumb typos) so I feel like a klutz. (Not as much of a klutz as I’d have felt if they HADN’T caught 500 typos, by the way, so I’m glad for it.)

They’re finalizing the cover and such. This is for real. That’s scary. Neat, but scary.

Here: go look at the book’s website and come back here again in a while when I’ll post, with shaking hands, that the first chapter is actually live on the magazine.


  1. Jason Block

    In with the good air, out with the bad air. Breathe, Jane. Breathe. It’s ok.


  2. Ivy Reisner

    So what’s the link to the page on Mindflight? Want see. Want see! This is great news.

  3. philangelus

    It’s not live yet, though. I don’t want to send traffic there before they’re ready. I’m not sure the magazine is even officially “launched” yet.

    I was given the super-secret URL and for now, it’s got to stay that way. Plus, I’m still reeling that this is happening.

  4. WC

    RELAX and congratulations! The hardest part is behind you. Just enjoy the present and prospect for more success in the future.

  5. Diinzumo

    Congratulations! I know all about the jitters, but I’m so happy for you!