I am a total chicken (or, Kiddo#2 saves my bacon)


I made little gift bags for the mailwoman and the UPS guy because both of them do a hero’s job at Christmas time. Just as an example, our mailwoman brought us 700 pounds of oranges and grapefruits, and then insisted that because I’m pregnant she would NOT put it in my arms or down in the front entrance, but rather carried it up the interior stairs and put it on my kitchen table.

As my family is far away, we get a LOT of packages whenever there are holidays or birthdays. So each one has a gift bag with a “thank you” gift. It’s not much. It’s hot chocolate, Andes candies, a couple of candy canes, and a card with ten bucks in it.

And every year, I turn chicken. I’m a total wuss about this kind of stuff. It wasn’t so bad with the mail carrier (I’d just leave it in the mailbox with the flag up, and he’d take it) but then Ed got reassigned and we ended up with two alternating mail carriers, one of whom is surly and only ever delivers flyers. I wanted to make sure “the good one” got hers, which meant handing it over. And the UPS guy has to get his in person.


When the mailwoman arrived yesterday, Kiddo#2 came down the stairs excited, wanting to see what box we got. I thrust the gift bag into her hands and said, “Here!”

Perhaps I suspect in my heart of hearts that the mailwoman or the UPS guy will laugh in my face and thrust the gift bag back, or just think I’m a moron. But I know nobody would EVER laugh at Kiddo#2, so delighted to be giving a gift. And it worked: the mailwoman thanked her for it, and the Kiddo was proud.

One more to go.

PS: Three years ago, we had work done on our house, and it was over a hundred degrees. I had the brilliant idea of giving the contractors freezer pops when they were on lunch break, but I chickened out of that too. Once again, Kiddo#2 to the rescue. I brought her out to the guys with the freezer pops, and they all took one and thanked her. The next day, same temperature, I went out with them, and they all said no, not necessary. It’s the giver, not the gift. And I am a total chicken.


  1. Ivy Reisner

    This is probably because Kiddo #2 is a being of unending cuteness, topped only by her amazingly sweet nature. Don’t forget the charming. She’s got the charming going on too.

  2. cici

    I am a mail carrier and we always appreciate when our customers recognize us at Christmas. I am thankful that I have some very generous people on my mail route. It feels good to be thought of. I am enjoying your blog. I love hearing about angels

  3. Jason Block

    Love the new format of the site. Much cleaner. And yes, #2 has unending cuteness, sweet nature and charm to spare. And yes, look at the cute!

  4. philangelus

    Cici, thank you for the reassurance. Whenever I do the “gift baggie” thing, I just feel like an idiot.

    Jason, the new format was a horror in itself to get installed, so I’m glad you like it. I probably won’t change it at any point in the future unless I need to raise my blood pressure!

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