Joy to the World!

Remember Kiddo#2 and her revised Ode to Joy? She comes by it honestly.

My Patient Husband and I were cleaning the kitchen when someone mentioned candy canes. Kiddo#1 added, “Jessica was a candy cane in the Christmas Play.”

I was already giddy with too much coffee, so I sang out, Jeremiah was a bullfrong! Jessie was a candy cane…”

My Patient Husband responded by finishing up the couplet (I confess I don’t remember how) and then I picked up with “Joy to the World…”

And here’s what happened, pretty much spontaneously:

Joy to the world,
Oh…your Lord is come.
Let all the waiting Earth receive its king!
Heaven…and Nature sing!”

At that point, my Patient Husband said we’d better stop. I was laughing too hard to continue anyhow.


  1. bloodinside

    too much christian thou art, without a doubt 😉

  2. philangelus

    We didn’t get hit with lightning, at least!