my Patient Husband’s suggestion

My Patient Husband suggests why I have no Advent spirit this year:

I have not yet purchased my favorite, traditional eggnog-flavored coffee. Clearly I must do so tomorrow…for the benefit of our whole family. He will help me consume it, because that’s the kind of generous husband he is.

What do you think?


  1. Jason Block

    Patient Husband is a very smart man. Coffee solves all.

  2. Diinzumo

    I found the classic Christmas tree smell has knocked me a little more into the holiday spirit. Now if it would only cool off outside….

    But yeah, cheers for Patient Husband!

  3. philangelus

    I burned a cinnamon scented candle today and played my string quartet Christmas CD, baked cookies with the kids and played the Nutcracker. The spirit still feels elusive, though. I keep focusing on the hassles. 🙁