Monthly Archive: December 2007

Q/A: seeing angels unaware

As promised yesterday, here’s a humorous story at my expense: Question: Yesterday you said you’d never knowingly seen an angel. But if you had to guess about ever unknowingly seeing one, when would it have been? Answer: There are three…
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Short story accepted!

I got word today that BeMused Magazine, published by BellaOnline, accepted my short story “They Do Not Spin.” **happy beagle dances!** I’ve had a hard time placing the story because it’s neither Christian nor speculative nor literary nor ANYTHING. It’s…
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Where’s Dr. Waldo?

We’re dealing at present with a family member hospitalized several states away from us. The condition is “serious but not an emergency” and so we’re in contact only by phone. I want you to think for a moment about what…
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