Seventeen minutes of commercials

The Kiddos’ TV watching is strictly regulated by me, and because we don’t have more than basic-basic cable, that means PBS or video tapes from the library. Regarding the latter, thank heaven I didn’t buy this one.

Blue’s Clues “Cafe Blue” has seventeen minutes of commercials at the front end of the tape.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the manufacturers figure they have a captive audience?

Thanks to the wonders of the “fast forward” button and a programmable VCR, I have now made sure my VCR will not play the first 17 minutes of this particular tape.

The Score:
Paramount: 0
Philangelus: 1

And I thought the previous Blue’s Clue’s video we rented was bad–I should have realized that with only 10 minutes of commercials, it was a parent’s dream.

Advertising to children under age 3 is underhanded and foul. Jerks.