I miss my Grandma

This is dumb, because I don’t cry at sad movies or for sad books. And here I am with tears in my eyes.

The Kiddos won’t grow up with that sense of being American-And. They’re American, and although I’ve carried over some traditions, it’s more a memory than a way of life. The Kiddos’ grandparents were all born here in the USA.

One side of my family has been here since the Mayflower. The other came over by steamboat from Italy in the early 1900s. And this song makes me homesick for my grandma, who died in 1991.


  1. Diinzumo

    Yeah, I wish I’d had a little more background in my grandparents’ heritage when I had the chance. As it is, I only have the opportunity to tease my mother and aunt about their collection of Dutch Kids and windmill art.

  2. Maria

    I miss her too–very much