Seven Archangels: Annihilation updates

Chapter four of Annihilation is live today!

Chapter Four:
As Satan debriefs the Maskim, becoming more secure in his victory, Michael and Uriel attempt to do anything at all to save Gabriel.

My favorite moment from this chapter isn’t funny. It’s heart-wrenching:

        Raphael knelt, eyes flared, hands open as if at a loss for what to do next, how to fasten together the shattered slivers of a soul. Millions of them.

Just the sheer helplessness of the moment, as he realizes the enormity of what just happened. Raphael’s going to have some rough times in this novel, but this is one of the worst. Not THE worst, but one of them.

Oh, and we’ve got an update: the novel is now available for sale directly from the publisher!

If you would rather wait a week and order for a slightly reduced price from or B&, it should be available from them shortly as well.

Finally, if you’d like to have some fun (I did!) I was interviewed for The Writing Cast by Ivy Reisner. We cover some of my writing, writing in general, what it means to be a Christian writer (hint: you don’t need to preach!), the trials of writing while parenting, and some advice for beginning writers.

For those who have been following the writers block saga, I’m at 82,000 words now. I think that hump got crested. What happens today is anyone’s guess.