My book is in print!!! (add more !s as necessary)

Woohoo! Seven Archangels: Annihilationis available at!

Unfortunately, they didn’t drop the price any from the cover price. :-b It’s also available at the same price with free shipping directly from the publisher.

But still–my book is there! It’s in print! My angels got released into the wild! 🙂 In fact, my mom has a copy in her hands right now, although I still haven’t gotten my copies yet *grumble grumble.*

And here is the cover:
cover picture

Join me in a happy beagle dance!

BTW, if you have no interest in paying for the book, the whole thing is still going up a chapter at a time over at MindFlights (right on the front page there) and I very much endorse reading it there for free instead of paying. Money is money.


  1. Jenni

    Oy yoy yoy! I have been waiting with baited breath!
    I’m still of the old school that prefers to read a book in my hands.
    Thankfully, as it is now a new month, I have a new spending budget. =D
    (joins you in the happy beagle dance)

  2. Ivy Reisner

    Yay! That’s great news!

  3. Ivy Reisner

    Oh, I’m tagging you for the six unimportant things meme. Check my blog for details.