Annihilation ch. 11, and pub board update

Here’s a nonupdate about the publishing board for the romantic comedy series:

Due to the previous fracas about the “offensive” content of the book, two higher-up guys in the publishing house have taken some extra time post-publishing board to discuss the content. Editor says it looks encouraging and he thinks it’s going to go through.

Next week, I’m told, we get a decision.

Anyone who feels like praying, I would more than welcome prayers. Apparently I must have accidentally prayed for patience at some point, and God is making sure I have lots.

Annihilation, chapter 11 has posted. Favorite moment with spoiler behind the cut…

In this chapter, Uriel attempts to implement the strategy Jesus explained in order to save Gabriel. Michael leaves them alone, praying for the outcome, when Uriel reappears suddenly, startling him. And here’s my favorite moment in the chapter:

Surprised, Michael opened his wings to look at the Throne: Done already? Shouldn’t it have taken hours, all that fine beadwork? Or did Michael need to help somehow?

Uriel met Michael’s gaze with eyes that glistened.

Michael grabbed his knees to his chest, dropping his forehead to them, and clapped his wings back around himself like a clam shell.

Uriel said, “He’s going to die.”

For those following along at home, in the Seven Archangels universe, the angels can communicate nonverbally, and some (like Uriel) are most comfortable doing so. Michael and Uriel communicated just fine that way, but Uriel wants to make sure it’s completely clear, so verifies it.

The rest of the conversation is a heartbreaker, but they do get a shred of hope toward the end of the chapter, and Saraquael’s “bathtub full of cash” line leaves me giggling every time.

Bonus points to anyone who can correctly tell me the name of the two-toned angel who appears at the end of the chapter. (Except Ivy, who already caught that reference in beta-reading.)


  1. mercurial scribe

    Gotta be careful about those requests for patience – He tends to take those pretty seriously and puts them first in order of answered prayers! LOL.

    ryc: I do not knit but I crochet. I’ve been playing with that which has been soothing and watching lots of “nice, happy” dvds. I’ve even sunk to reading a few People magazines, which is the equivalent of mental novocaine as far as I’m concerned – useful when ill but not so much when well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mostly its the stiffness of bedrest and restless that’s beginning to get to me.

    Thanks for the well-wishes and good luck with the book!

  2. philangelus

    There’s an entire chapter in the romantic comedy dealing with what happens after the protagonist prays for patience. That’s why I think God is messin’ with me on this: because God knows very well that I will never pray for it on my own, and if the book gets published, I may put a thousand other people off doing so as well!

    Crocheting is fun–that’s where I started out. LOL about mental novocaine! Good luck with the bed rest, and give Miri a pat for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. CricketB

    God grant me (and Philangelus) patience, and do it right now!

  4. Mary

    Tabris! Instead of extra points, can I see the remaining chapters?

    I just finished reading The Guardian today. Was tear-wrenching and triumphant. God is truly goodness without measure, and to accept his love and foregiveness is the first step toward healing, hmm?

    Anyway, thanks so much, Jane!

  5. knit_tgz

    Where’s The Guardian?

    I bought the Anihilation book! Of course, it has not arrived yet, so I am reading the pdf chapters online.

  6. philangelus

    Gee, I had no idea anyone was still interested in The Guardian.

    I’ll post about it soon and give links and stuff. It’s been a while, and my writing style has changed, so I’d need to explain a couple of things.

  7. knit_tgz

    I received my copy of Annihilation! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. philangelus

    Hooray! I hope you enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚