SNL’s “Annuale” commercial

The following is NOT work-safe, NOT kid-safe, and it has two words bleeped out. It is, however, funny as all getup and if you’re at home and the kids aren’t around, go ahead and watch the SNL commercial for Annuale, the once-a-year birth control pill.

There’s also an article on that site mentioning that the makers of Seasonale have responded to the ad. (Seasonale is a birth control pill that allows a period once every three months.) With typical lack of humor, the stone-cold serious lawyers begin by saying that they all laughed at the ad but really, it’s not like that.

Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, I’ve managed to go 31 months and 27 months without a period, and I think my Patient Husband would say I don’t get quite that bad when things start up again. But, um, I’m not quite sure. Maybe I need to be pre-emptively incarcerated like the Wolfman too?

BTW, I loved the pink axe.