And the point? Missed. Utterly.

Are you looking for the perfect cake to grace your Passover table? Aren’t we all? Well, LA Burdick has what you need in their Passover Cake.

Let me assure you, I love LA Burdick chocolate, and yes it’s expensive as all get-up, and yes, I sent some to my agent when I signed with him and (HINT HINT) I’ll send some to any editor who sends me a contract for my romantic comedy series. It’s awesome stuff. But I have to wonder what they’re thinking with this Passover Cake. Listen to this and tell me, doesn’t it sound awesome?

Our newest item for Passover, this flavorful, 6″ cake is gluten and dairy free. It is a moist coconut cake soaked with pineapple and Malibu coconut rum, layered with a pineapple compote, finished with a dark chocolate glaze and garnished with toasted coconut. Perfect for gracing your holiday table 

Well, perfect except for one thing:

NOT Kosher.

Can you explain to me the purpose of a thirty dollar cake specifically designated for a holiday during which the celebrants of the holiday cannot eat it? Because I’m at an utter loss here. It’s like selling a Good Friday Bacon Double Cheeseburger or an Ash Wednesday Donut

Poke around the LA Burdick website and check out their chocolate mice or their chocolate penguins. Try them if you happen to have thirty bucks lying around and you want to experience delicious chocolate in a new way. But, er, don’t rely on them to provide dessert for your Passover meal.


  1. xdpaul

    That’s a hoot. I wonder if they were just looking to be the “first” at something. “I know! Let’s make the first non-kosher Passover cake!”

    Now excuse me as I go back to working on my plans for the world’s first flightless supersonic jet.

  2. philangelus

    Darn — I hope you don’t complete it in time to combat my doomsday device that doesn’t function in the presence of oxygen.

  3. xdpaul

    Wow. Actually I hope we complete them at exactly the same time so that we can compete in the most spectacular anti-apocalypse this world has never seen.

  4. Naomi

    Well, when you go there NOW, they seem to have figured it out… it isn’t there. But thank you for capturing the moment for posterity.

    1. philangelus

      Maybe it’ll come back in a few weeks because it’s seasonal? It’d be a shame if it never returned, because dang, it’s funny. 🙂