Meme: seven songs I’m listening to right now

I got tagged for a meme!

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your weblog along with your 7 songs.

Disclaimer: I’m completely random in my songs nowadays, and it’s kind of hard to pick, but here goes.

1) Beethoven’s violin concerto, third movement. I tend to make up my own words for this.
2) Smooth, by Rob Thomas and Santana
3) Little Wonders, by Rob Thomas
4) Heart To Heart by Kenny Loggins
5) Mr. Rabbit, Music Together version. This is embarrassing, but you see, it’s so easy to plug in your own words to this one, so I end up singing, “Mr. Kiddo, Mr. Kiddo, you’re being small and cute” {or whatever} and then continue with, “Yes, my mom, I’m being small and cute. Every little boy must whine-whine-whine. Every little boy must whine-whine-whine.” I can do this for half an hour at a shot when necessary.
6) Lead Me On by Amy Grant
7) anything by Rich Mullins. Anything at all. He makes me feel better. I’m still sad that he died.

I’m supposed to tag people, but instead of tagging, I’ll just invite anyone to join in who wants to. Right now Kiddo#4 is still awake with tummy pain/reflux, it’s 11pm, and I’m exhausted while my Patient Husband rocks the child and tries to get him to sleep. *yawn*


  1. karen =^.,.^=

    oh – i love “lead me on” – it’s one of my absolute favorites by amy grant. and on the same album “if these walls could speak”.

    i’m sorry kiddo#4 isn’t feeling well. i hope he will feel better soon so he will sleep and you and PH can sleep as well.

  2. Nina

    I’ll bite. Tag I’m it!

  3. we're like crystal (from ehell)

    I don’t have a wordpress but I’ll spam your comments.

    1) No more trouble–Bob Marley
    2) Send me a postcard- Shocking Blue
    3) She shines- Grey Daze
    4) sometimes – Grey Daze
    5) it’s over- Boz Scaggs
    6) Funkmobile – Bass is Bass
    7) Show me the money- Petey Pablo

    Diversity, y/n?