Monthly Archive: April 2008

Meme: Book memories

I’ve been tagged for the Book Memories Meme by Julie of Happy Catholic. Sure, ask me to talk about books. Twist my arm. 1. Do you associate reading particular books with the places you read them or events of the…
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Winter: defeated

Witness this photo taken yesterday, the final gasp of a dying season. It’s the pathetic remnant of when driving through Angeltown was akin to driving through a labyrinth: At the same time, Springtime rallied itself to the cause, struggling to…
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Kiddo#1 discovers baseball

Someday, we knew it would happen, and I’m not sure whether to blame peer pressure or the baseball novels he’s been reading, but Kiddo#1 got interested in following actual major league baseball. My Patient Husband would rather have a tooth…
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