A moment of not-enough-silence

When I started up my computer this morning, it spoke to me.

In that inimitable fashion of computers since time immemorial (well, since about 1995 when laptops became realistic for normal people) the hard drive emitted a low whining sound. A grinding sound. It wanted me to record its last words, and these were them, a garbled and sad “I’m dying.”

About five minutes later, the entire thing froze up, and now I am without a computer of my own.

We’ll be talking to The Computer People in about an hour when their store opens. I may end up with a new hard drive if I’m lucky. My most recent backup was only ten days ago, so I think we’re okay on that account.

But there’s still that eerie feeling of remembering the things that were on the computer and wondering if I’ll ever see them again. Like all my photos from the last six years, for example. As my Patient Husband says, “It’s nice having a backup, but not so nice when you have to find out if it works.”

We’re going to find out.

If I disappear for a few days, it’s because I’m Doing Without. If you happen to belong to a forum where I post frequently, now you know why I’m going to go uncharacteristically silent.

The computer is a little workhorse. It’s never had software issues, and although it’s had physical problems before (for example, a keyboard that stopped talking to the rest of the computer) this is the first serious one.

Sleep tight, little iBook. We’re going to get help for you as soon as we can.


  1. CricketB

    Condolences, and Best of luck!

    10 days since backup? Ouch!

    You’ve probably heard me tell others this before: Second Copy and two USB drives are worth every penny. A $2 CD will hold hundreds of photos.

    Hope things are recovered!


  2. Jenni

    aiyeee – I’ve never backed up. I will now.

    RIP little hard drive. Don’t worry, ibook, they’ll get you a new memory.
    We can rebildz heem – we haz da teknolojeez.