Random family craziness

Just in case I’ve lulled you into thinking my family is sane, here are some snapshots of our conversations:

Kiddo#2, at the dinner table: Butter. Butt. Butter.” {long pause} “We need a ‘Buttest.’ Butt-butter-buttest.
Kiddo#1: There’s a Buddhist.
Kiddo#2: Yeah!
Patient Husband: Let’s just stop this line of conversation now.

Radio: And for this weekend’s trivia question, what does the average household do 73 times a year?
Kiddo#1: Well, we wouldn’t know. We’re pretty odd.

{As it turns out, my first guess was right. So there!}

Kiddo#2, speaking as Kiddo#4 in a high squeaky voice: When I can see half of Momma, that’s good. It means Momma is holding me. When I can see all of Momma, that’s bad. It means she’s not holding me.
Patient Husband: That’s actually really good logic.

Kiddo#3, putting his foot on my leg: Did you order for a foot?

Kiddo#4: {cooing}
Me: Are you saying so many beautiful things?
Some random kid: No. He’s not.

Kiddo#2: Mom, there’s something wrong with a song on the radio.
Me: Only one?
Kiddo#2: It starts with ‘I’m not a perfect person,’ but nobody’s perfect.

Before anyone kills me, the answer to the trivia question was “goes grocery shopping”.


  1. ladyknight

    Well, I’m glad to find out we’re not the only household that can come up with odd/strange things to say. Here’s a recent conversation in our household:

    Me: (speaking to the dog) “What a nice dog! Look at that nice dog!”
    DH: (speaking, apparently, to the air) “It’s a dog! He’s looking very doggish today!”
    Me: “Doggish?”
    DH: “Yeah, doggish. You know, the quality of being a dog!”
    Me: *sigh*

  2. philangelus

    LOL! I guess it’s better than being “dogged.” 😉

  3. knit_tgz

    Ok. Is it wrong for me to wish that some day i will have a family like ours?

  4. philangelus

    Not wrong, but we’re definitely a little strange.

  5. Jason Block

    And for those who want to know…the song Kiddo #2 was referencing was “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

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