Weblog tour: my summer

It’s time again for the weblog tour!

Topic for week ending 6/14/08 by MsMoonbunny
What are you planning on doing this summer/what are you most looking forward to doing?

If you want to answer the question for yourself in the comment box, go ahead and join in. ūüôā

This summer will have only two highlights. The first is my Patient Husband’s company picnic. The rest of the summer will be dominated by our move out of Angeltown.

When I say “the company picnic,” I’m a bit in jest. The event is for everyone in the family, and it’s described by Those In The Know as “mountains of food…and rivers of drink.” One day is insufficient for this particular company’s picnic, so instead the CEO rents out every resort in an entire mountain range for the whole weekend.

When we come home from the company picnic, we’ll unpack the suitcases and finish packing the house.

There’s really not much else to report. Although I’m still inhabiting a zone of shocked denial, it looks as if this move is actually going to take place. We’ve had the dream house inspected, and it was perfect. The inspector couldn’t find anything broken. At all. Zippo. And the buyers of our house have agreed to the changes we said we’d make after their inspection.

It’s so eerie. My Patient Husband is as practical and down-to-earth as they come (he doesn’t talk to angels but tolerates it when I do) and even he said, “Is it crazy to think God had this house in mind for us?”

Well, why not? Because I can see no other reason why such an awesome, special, perfect place would have sat on the market for over a year with no buyer. “God wanted us to have it” is actually the most sane reason I can come up with. I wasn’t kidding when I said the first time my Patient Husband showed me the listing, the house went big in my mind, and I wanted it, wanted it, wanted it. I bugged him to death, and then he saw it in person and wanted it too. They scheduled a showing for me for the next day, and three days later we had an offer to the sellers.

That’s going to be the dominant theme of our summer: the move. Although to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if a book contract were to come through the doors this summer to make it a nice storybook “three exciting things.”

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  1. Ivy Reisner

    I’m kind of looking forward to putting Knitting Step by Step to bed this summer. We have multicolor work and a cable project to film and we’re done. This has gone on for over a year now, and although it’s been wonderful and I’ve met some great people and had a blast doing it, it’s also been a lot of work.

  2. ladyknight

    This summer? What aren’t we planning might be the better question! My poor DH is having his wisdom teeth removed this Friday, we fly to CO next weekend to visit my family, we’re going to a Tom Petty concert on July 23rd, DH is going to Lollapalooza the first weekend in August, his sister’s wedding is the weekend after, and two weeks after that will be our first anniversary! Whew…I get winded just thinking about all of it!

    I’d have to say that I’m really looking forward to the Tom Petty concert (first one I’ve ever been to!), and to our anniversary. We’re planning on taking a couple days off work, and just hanging out together. Should be fun.

  3. CricketB

    Time with husband — he’s taking several weeks off, and some scattered days. We have our fingers crossed we’ll actually see a matinee together while the kids are at camp. We still haven’t found a babysitter for date night, so we don’t get out alone together much. Big events include two weeks at day camp for the kids, and Dad’s family reunion. Lots of time at the cottage, including staining and maybe replacing the boathouse roof.

    Best of luck with the move!