beware exploding strollers

When I dropped my oldest two Kiddos off at baseball camp, I found myself face to face with the following list of prohibited items:

Strollers, firearms, knives, weapons of any kind 

So for all of you out there who aren’t parents, I just wanted to let you know that in the event that you want to pick an easy target for mugging, do NOT pick the frazzled mom with the stroller. She’s armed.


  1. xdpaul

    I would pay to witness a stroller duel in the noonday sun.

  2. CricketB

    I hear you!

    The nervousness about the upcoming confrontation will upset the kid, then Mom will get kid out of stroller. Kind stranger (whose kids, and therefore stroller are a different age — by two years) will attempt to wrangle stroller. He will stand close enough to threat that when the stroller will displays its usual springs and hinges and knobs and pinch points, threat will be dealt with.

    Yep, armed.