Putting down the phone, my Patient Husband said, “Is it okay if they don’t set up our internet until the 26th?”

I said, “I’ll die!”

He picked up the phone and said, “The 26th will be fine.”

Why did he ask me that if nothing I said was going to change the course of the conversation? He had no answer for that afterward. But the current situation is that the Philangelus family will not have internet access for three or four days due to the move between Angeltown and Angelville.

If you read here, you might not notice a difference: has a feature where I can write a post now and tell it to publish on the weblog at some point in the future. I’ll set up several days of posts in advance, scheduled to post one per morning until I’m “live” again. 

The only way you might notice a problem would be in the comments. If you have never commented here before, the weblog will hold your comment until I approve it, and without internet access, I can’t approve anything. If you comment and it vanishes, it’s not that I don’t love you. I probably do (actually, God commanded me to) but there’s only so much I an do without cranial ports. 

Similarly, if you ask a question in the comments, you won’t get an answer until I’m back “live” again.

In the sage words of Thomas Jefferson, “Deal with it.” 🙂 My life is packed into a hundred fifty cardboard boxes right now, and I’m a bit short on human compassion.


  1. Ivy

    You’re a stronger woman than I. I couldn’t go that long without Internet access. Hope you come out the other side with your sanity, and your online life, intact.

  2. Jenni

    Indeed, you are very strong!
    The Net was the first thing we set up in our new house (and consequently the unpacking stopped immediately).

    The early astronauts had 3 mins of radio silence on their return trip to Earth and NASA could only hold it’s breath and wait.
    Three days is a long time to hold my breath, but I will wait…

  3. CricketB

    “Must be connected” is a modern illness. I take several connection-vacations a year. It’s amazing how much stress falls away when we disconnect.

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