Literary agent praise

Bucky: It’s time for us to post again.

Lee: What happened this time? I thought our romantic comedy series was dead because as a guardian angel, you were too offensive.

Bucky: Well, Jane was on vacation this weekend, and when she gets home, guess what she’ll discover?

Lee: Her dragon eggs hatched! I bet they’re so cute!

Bucky: Actually, they didn’t hatch yet.

Lee: I’ve got to get some dragon eggs for myself. Do you want any?

Bucky: Um… Well, now that you mention it — 

Lee: You got your own and you didn’t even tell me?

Bucky: Only a few. But the point is, Jane’s going to get home from vacation to discover that a literary agent wants to represent us!

Lee: Awesome! That’s even better than little dragons!

Bucky: I guess I didn’t scare him off.

Lee: You? Scary?

Bucky: I can be pretty scary.

Lee: You’re about as scary as a skate key.

Bucky: Well, you’ve never gotten between you and me.

Lee: {long pause}  How could I get between me and you?

Bucky: The point is, Jane is going to find this email and phone message when she comes home from vacation, and she’s going to be stunned because last week, she’d given up on the book and even stopped praying for it.

Lee: Oh. And now–?

Bucky: Now she’ll have to call this agent on the phone. God tells me she’s going to ask for everyone to pray for her, that she “doesn’t sound like more of an idiot than she actually is.”

Lee: That’s not very nice!

Bucky: Her words, not mine. I’m just the messenger. 

Lee: Okay, then. We can pray for her.

Bucky: Angel means ‘messenger,’ you know.

Lee: I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how I could get between you and me. Wouldn’t I have to be in two places at once? Or would it be something you could do with a mirror?

Bucky: If I let you keep thinking about this for a few hours, will that keep you out of trouble?

Lee: Probably not.

Bucky: It figures. Anyhow, I’m going to get the word out to pray for Jane’s manuscript, and then I’m going to go check on my little dragons.

Lee: I’m getting some too. I can’t believe you got dragons and didn’t even tell me about it. 

Bucky: I call dibs on any paper dragons.

Lee: Like fun you do. It’s my computer!

Bucky: I’m so mistreated.

Lee: I love you like a brother, but come on — dragons!

Bucky: Fine, fine. Login and set up an account, but don’t forget to pray for Jane.


  1. karen ^.,.^

    thanks for the tip, Lee and Bucky!! i’ll be praying!! you guys rock!

  2. Jenni

    … and deserve to have your story presented to the world!

    We’ll be praying!

  3. knit_tgz

    I want to hear more from you guys! I’ll pray too!

  4. CricketB

    Prayers turned on!