Weblog Tour: hey, we’re gonna make a movie

We’ve got a new weblog tour question.

If you could make a movie about your life, what would it be called and whom would you cast as the main players?

You can answer for yourselves in the comment box afterward.

It’s the sarcastic streak in me, but when I’m asked about things like “How would you title your life?” I remember a biography that my English teacher brought in to junior high school. It was typed out like a manuscript, and there was a cover; the first page had the title and the author; the next page had the copyright information; the next page had the following words:

Chapter One

He tried.

Following that was “about the author” and a blank page and the back cover. And that sums it up for me. How does “She Tried” sound as a title?

I can’t cast my own life because I don’t follow movies enough to know which actors would work well. I can tell you I’d love to have Alan Rickman somewhere in my life, and Harrison Ford, but I can’t cast them as anyone I know. I’d definitely cast Ronnie Schell because he makes me laugh and because one hopes that while he was working on the movie, he might talk to me a bit, and I like him a lot. (He signed a Battle of the Planets poster for me, and I have a signed publicity photo from him. Mr. Schell, if you’re reading this, I’m “the one with the kid.” Remember?)

I would love to cast myself as Edie Brickell because I’ve always felt she’s the most beautiful woman on earth. I know most people will say, “Huh?” but I look at her in the “What I Am” video and I think, that’s beauty. It’s not fraudulent or overly made-up. She’s got a natural joy in her appearance, and I’d like to think I could strive for that myself.

But for the rest of it, I have to go with “My life has a superb cast, but I can’t figure out the plot.” This weblog contains numerous snapshots of the craziness that is my life. (So the weblog title as the movie title?) My movie would be a bit comedy, a bit philosophy, and a whole lot of feeling (but not drama, if you get the difference.)  You’d cry when Emily died, but you’d get a powerful sense of hope from how the community formed around the heart of the loss. You’d stare in shock when we were able to laugh together at things that make us want to bang our heads into a wall (or other people’s heads, for that matter.)  In fact, the whole theme of the movie would be pulling together through a crisis.

Because everyone’s life is going to have crises. The key is how you handle them. If your chief resource is community (family, friends, online) then that’s how you survive the crisis.

But keep the special effects budget large, because I would hope we could cut aside to some angels every so often in the movie. Angels making bad puns (or good puns) or messing with your iPod or doing the “macaroni and cheese dance” or telling you their favorite place in the world was the first place they saw you.

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  1. knit_tgz

    You look so much like my high-school best friend looked when she was a teen! How young are you in the photo? And: you know now I love you, don’t you? 😉

  2. philangelus

    I was 29 in that photo. So not young, just immature. 😉

    See that sling in the picture? I carried a 10 month old baby for about 15 hours a day in that thing, and it was like a dream. http://www.mayawrap.com

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