A new story online, and a book review

In my writing life, either everything happens at once, or nothing happens at all. We’ve had a bit of nothing for a while.

Yesterday, Cricket asked me if my Ichthys piece was online, and it’s not, but while I was scanning the Door archives, I found that another one was.

Yep, here it is: Executive Summary for Downsizing and Outsourcing Movement of Chosen People for Maximum Return on Covenant Investment which has got to be the longest title anyone has ever appended to one of my pieces. I think I called it “Management Proposal For Chosen People” or something similar. This was one of those things I wrote after being just fed up with the universe around me, and of course, they gave me a borderline-offensive image to illustrate the piece. 😉

Apparently I also won sixth place in their “March Indulgence Awards” which gets me out of having to brew coffee for several years in Purgatory. I wish they’d given me time off from having to clean out the Archangel Gabriel’s basement for a hundred years due to what I did to him in my novel.  **shudder** And speaking of the novel…

TitleTrakk gave us a nice review of Seven Archangels: Annihilation and said it was imaginative, fun and fast-paced, but apparently they didn’t find it logical. The bonding made the reviewer a little uncomfortable, but there was no objection to Mary appearing in the book.

The logic part is owing the the reviewer not liking the ideas of angels potentially not being eternal or angels acting imperfectly, or emotionally. I’m not going to get into a debate here, but the Bible does indicate angels have emotions and are imperfect (only God is perfect) meaning I guess I didn’t establish that well enough in the book itself.

So, a hat tip for the review, and if you’re new to this weblog, please go check it out and visit the book’s website or read some of the chapters over at Mindflights.com (accessible right from their front page under “serial fiction”.)