40,000 hits!

I’m only 50 hits shy of 40,000! Tell me how much I rock.


  1. Ari

    You rock – very hard.

    I followed you over from e-hell (though I’m a lurker over there, and actually commenting here….), and just wanted to let you know that

    a. I love your writing – both on your blog and e-hell; you are funny and sensible and someone that I have a feeling I would kidnap for coffee (or other warm beverage) on a regular basis if we were to meet.


    b. I have to read your blog/stories sparingly – you have an amazing ability to make me get all weepy, when I don’t even think you’re trying (the fairly recent new baby hormones probably don’t hurt either); I really get involved in your writing – no more reading stories before work!

  2. philangelus

    Aww, thank you! And welcome.

    Looking at the counter, you may have actually been #40,000. 🙂 I raise my coffee cup in your honor.

  3. Jason Block

    You rock for many reasons —

    a) I think your parenting skills are a lot better than you give yourself credit for.

    b) Being a New Yorker…I get your sense of humor.

    c) I love your religiousity.

    d) And you make me think every day.

  4. Capt Cardor

    Well, a new York sense of humor, without all the bad words.

    Congrats from 40,094. I missed by just that much… fortunately, I was better with a Glock.

  5. philangelus

    Yeah, “Only Imperial Stormtroopers shoot with that accuracy.” And I’m not allowed to use The Bad Words anymore, da…I mean, durn it.

    Jason, we won’t know if I was a good parent until we see how my kids parent their kids. That’s the sad truth.

  6. Kit

    Congrats from 40,141! 🙂