Kitty-kitty, who are you?

Since we moved to this new house, I’ve seen a cat wandering around. I think she’s an owned cat.

First off, she’s orange and white, and the white is VERY white. Stray cats with white tend to become stray cats with grey after very short time on the street.

She’s also not skinny. She’s slender, but not skinny.She looks healthy and happy.

But I keep finding her in my garage. Or wandering around the property.

The first time I found her in my garage, I went inside to grab a package of kitty food for her, and the brazen lass followed me inside! I led her back out into the garage, opened the food for her….and she turned up her nose at it, then walked back out to the driveway. Therefore: not starving.

No one knows who she belongs to, and this in a neighborhood where the neighbors all pride themselves on knowing everyone else’s business. (Verbatim from several neighbors.)

She’s not the cat of the previous owners, as I know they didn’t have a cat.

Winter is going to come very quickly here, and I’m worried about her. I wish I could just attach a note to the cat saying “Hey, if you own this cat, call Philangelus and tell her to quit worrying.” But there’s no way to do that.

Is there?


  1. Ivy

    Does she have a collar? If not, the easiest way to get the owner to call would be to put one on her with your contact information as if it were your cat. The owner will call, but will likely have more to say than “don’t worry”. I suggest you let kiddo 2 run interference with her powers of unstoppable charisma.

    Even if the cat won’t eat a particular food, that doesn’t mean the cat’s not starving. Hikari put himself into liver failure about a month ago because he didn’t like the new formula of his old food and would sooner starve to death than eat it. That’s not uncommon for cats.

  2. blueraindrop

    put a collar on, with a note wrapped around it tightly and attached by rubber bands.