random catch-ups (and new publication)

Remember 24 hours in the life of a freelance writer? One of the pieces mentioned got accepted and published! I present to you, Thinking outside hundreds of little boxes.

Again from 24 hours, remember the riding instructor who wanted to freelance write? I wanted to tell her how to write a query letter, but then I decided it would take far too long standing there in the cold between lessons. Instead, I wrote her a query letter, marked off all the parts of it so she’d know why I put the stuff in that I did, and handed it off. She loved the idea of a query letter, and she was so excited by the idea of getting things into print. I hope this works for her!

Remember my vines? One commenter wrote asking me to send her the good vines, the ones with millions of orange-red berries on them. I laughed about that with a friend, who looked serious and said, “All kidding aside, my mom would love them too!”

Thereafter, I ventured back out into the woods and hacked down more of them, making two boxes of what I consider burnable material and which I directly compared to sin. And yet, these people are going to take my trash and turn into something lovely!

If you can find a more apt illustration of God bringing good out of evil, I’ll post it. Here are these things that were bringing death to my trees, and now they’ll bring beauty and joy to others. Take that, vines!

Remember the scarf I can’t knit for me? Well, now I really can’t. I’d resumed working on the scarf that genuinely is for charity, switching off between that and the one for me. When, for reasons no one knows, one knitting needle disappeared off the for-me scarf.

All of which makes me begin to wonder: is there something good about knitting for me? Might there be some reason the enemy wants it stopped? Or is a scarf just a scarf? Or maybe God just wants that scarf-for-charity finished sooner.

And finally, I’m thinking of putting up a creeeeeepy story for tomorrow, since it’s Halloween. I just have to decide how creepy we want to get…


  1. whiskers09092006

    Strangely enough, my mother bought a bittersweet plant once. Turns out it was the wrong varietal, and no berries!!!

    You can’t believe how wonderful it is that you would send us some!

    *runs off to bake you a cake or something* Hmm…perhaps something that would ship better! 😉

  2. philangelus

    Oh, wild! I didn’t realize there were two varieties. I knew most of the ones in the yard didn’t have berries, but I figured it was a male/female plant thing and for greater minds than mine to figure out.

    Don’t send a cake. If you feel you *must* do something, donate to a food pantry. I’m just so pleased that folks want this stuff and can put it to good use. (And after all this, I hope they’re really bittersweet berries! Hee!)

  3. Capt Cardor

    Your container story/column is really on point. I now have an oversize two car garage filled with several generations of “stuff”.