Remiel fanart!

I don’t know if it qualifies as fan art because the artist is a friend instead of a “fan”. But Diinzumo posted a picture of my character Remiel from Seven Archangels: Annihilation.

I give you
Remiel by *Diinzumo on deviantART

I believe this image was inspired by a story in the first Seven Archangels book, “An Arrow In Flight” (as yet unpublished) where Remiel has just been through a rather harrowing experience and turns, catching sight of herself in a mirror.

Mirrors are awful for Remiel in some ways. She used to have a twin — or rather, still does, but her twin fell at the time of the Winnowing. The twins used to both be just the Irin, completely identical, and Remiel didn’t receive her name until after her brother fell. Seeing herself in a mirror at the wrong time is just a reminder that she didn’t need a mirror to see herself once upon a time.

As a result, Remiel is an angel torn interiorly: she knows she’s who God wants her to be, but at the same time she hates herself, hates what she could have become and the self she can see as a fallen self. In Seven Archangels: Annihilation, that strain drives her mad. In Diinzumo’s drawing, it’s a knife in her heart.

I love her sense of motion, the whisper of this one slip of time between her having some control over her emotions and the turmoil you can feel about to happen. This picture has her at a precipice of tension, and I love the sense of transition.

Thank you, Diinzumo!


  1. Cricket

    Beautiful work! I love the expression, and the bit of stylish rebellion in the earrings and hair. The wings are there, but only if you know to look for them. She looks sad and alone.

  2. ivyreisner

    Wow that’s beautiful! 🙂

  3. Diinzumo

    Aheh… (blush). Thank you. As I said, I had been meaning to get her to you for a while now, but just got struck by the inspiration to do the color. I’ll get the originals to you soon.