What goes around gets returned to sender

A vendor with whom I’ve previously done business messed up a shipment to me. I’d updated with my new address, but the package got mailed to the old address.

When I emailed to track down the package, the vendor sent me back the UPS tracking information, and I had a brush with karma — a good one. 

Remember last year, when I chickened out? For new readers, at Christmas time I made up gift bags to give to the mail woman and the UPS guy, as well as a few other business owners in Angeltown. The UPS guy in particular was someone I wanted to thank. We’d lived in that house for ten years, and the first time he delivered me a package, he startled and said, “Here you are!” Because he’d been our UPS guy at the previous apartment, and apparently he’d noticed our absence. 

(I’m not sure if I should be mortified that we get so many packages…)

He was really cool and would leave our packages at the front door if we weren’t around, or inside the garage if I left the door open for him.

Therefore, every Christmas, I made sure to thank him. It’s just a gift bag with hot chocolate, candy and a gift card in it, but it was something.

Yesterday, looking at the tracking sheet, I saw Karma in action in a totally natural fashion. Because for three consecutive days, the tracking information read, “Attempted delivery” and “No answer,” followed a bit later by “Recipient has moved.”

The UPS guy must have noticed we’d moved. It certainly doesn’t say anything on the house to indicate we’ve left it. And usually, for us, he’d just drop packages on the front step and leave them there.

In other words, he remembered us. Maybe because we were kind to him. Maybe because he’s just a conscientious guy with a good memory. Regardless, I think he’s cool.


  1. Amy Deardon

    It’d be cool to send HIM a gift bag!