Alternative Lenten activities

Someone posted this on a forum, and I thought it awesome enough to steal it (er, I mean, link back it. Really.)

Alternative Lenten promises

– Write a letter to someone who has blessed your life.
– Help someone study for a test
– Go to Church- Every Sunday!
– Smile at 5 people today
– Give God 15 min. of silence and prayer daily
– Give up something you would have a hard time giving up
– Tell a friend “why” they are a good friend to you!
– Drink water at dinner instead of soda and say a prayer for someone who can’t afford soda
– Read the Gospel of Mark (only 16 chapters!)
– Find the good in someone you dislike. Tell others about it
– Forgive a friend
– Pray for someone who has hurt you (They don’t deserve it, but they need it!)
– Go to Confession (start fresh again!)
– Work on giving up sin. Replace it with faith, kindness, honesty, chastity, patience, respect, and generosity toward others and God.
– Tell God you love him!


  1. Shelly McKinney

    Good ideas:)
    I will be stealing, er, borrowing them to share;-)

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