My nose loves me!

Dear Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the proud makers of Kleenex:

Imagine my confusion when reading on the bottom of my Kleenex box the following: ‘Your nose knows you care for it. After all, you use Kleenex tissue!’

Perplexed, I went to the bathroom mirror and said, “Nose, do you really care for me?”

Well, I have to tell you, that little bit of ad copy opened up a dialogue between us that truly deepened our relationship. As it turned out, my nose had not known the depth of my caring, even though I purchase Kleenex for all its needs.

My nose and I have reached a far greater understanding of one another, and all because of your product box.

All is not well, however, as my nose told me that there’s been some unrest among other parts due to our long-standing purchase of BJs store-brand toilet paper. That may take longer to resolve, but we’re working on our difficulties now.

And it’s all thanks to you. The Kimberly-Clark corporation’s tender concern for the emotional stability of my nose and other body parts has been a blessing to us all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our…well, you know.


The noses and hearts of the Philangelus household, where we actually read the bizarre ad-copy on the stuff we buy.


  1. whiskers

    Ah, you brighten my day. And the great K-C corp brightens my nose also…

  2. Capt Cardor

    Sure, Kleenex knows noses… However, when it comes to points south, they are just but-inskys.

  3. blueraindrop

    at least your nose sounds nice… mines a little snot half the time.

  4. philangelus

    You guys are cracking me up! LOL!

  5. Scott

    Thank you for that. That made my bus ride, though some people next to me didn’t apprepriate the sudden burst of laughter that woke them up.
    And for the rest of the bus that was sniffling, I wanted to ask them if they cared enough for their nose.

  6. philangelus

    I aim to please, Scott. Maybe we should add “distributing Kleenex” to the corporeal works of mercy?

  7. cricketB

    Half the luxury brands have lotion that makes me sneeze.

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