O kitty, hurt kitty…

There’s a hurt kitty in our back yard, and I’m trying to catch her.

A few months ago, as we were going to church, we saw a stray in the brambles between our property and the next. We wanted to catch her because she looked like the “lost kitty” flyers we’d seen around. I talked to the lost-kitty contact, and later it turned out they were different cats (but ironically, the lost kitty belonged to one of Kiddo#2’s classmates.)  I did get within 10 feet of the stray kitty and my heart went out to her. She was so beautiful.

Then I didn’t see her for two months. I saw her again last week, and then on Friday she was in our back yard. I went out and snapped a picture to email to the lost kitty mom, just to verify that they were different animals.


On Saturday we saw her again, only this time, she was hurt. Limping. So I went out with food, and she devoured a cup of dry food. When she was done, we brought out more. She ate it too.

Today she appeared again, still limping. Ate the food I left out for her. I went out with more, and she devoured that too. This time, I was able to get within fifteen feet of her.


She’s so sweet and pretty, but I can’t get close to her. I’ve spoken to the Angelborough Animal Shelter, and now I have a humane trap. I’m going to do my best to trap her and bring her in. They’ll look at her foot. They’ll test her for FeLV. They’ll spay her.

And then…?

My Patient Husband would rather eat a beet-arsenic quiche for dinner every night for the next thirteen years than take a third cat, especially if she has kittens like Venus did. (My little pro-life heart cringes at the thought that they’ll spay her if she’s carrying kittens. I don’t know what to do about that, though.) The two cats we have are best friends, and we don’t want to upset the balance. 

(Of course, I thought in the direction of our family guardian angels, “So, who wants a cat named after you?” and a name popped into my head. That would go over real well, wouldn’t it? But I might just do it if we keep her. I might just do it anyhow if I get a chance to bring her to the vet or the shelter.)

If she’s feral, she’ll go right back out. She’d be happiest in the wild if she’s a wild cat. But if she’s just a toss-away cat, or a wild-born cat born to a toss-away mother cat who never really knew how to hunt? Then I don’t know. What if she’s got a litter of kittens waiting for her somewhere? And what if she’s an owned cat and simply can’t get home with a hurt foot?

It’s all so difficult. I don’t know what’s best to do. So for now, we’re trying to trap her, and from there we’ll play it by ear. Pray for us that we resolve this as well as possible.


  1. Wendy

    Why did I know, even before I saw the photo, that she was a tortie? There’s something about them… I’m thinking it’s too cold for her to be pregnant quite yet, though some cats don’t wait for “kitten season” to start.

    Good luck catching her.

  2. philangelus

    Yeah, why did you know that? 🙂

    I wish I could get a better photo of her face. She’s so achingly pretty.

  3. Patient Husband

    After a few weeks of beet-arsenic quiche, of course, you wouldn’t have to worry about my objections any more.

    So, what’s for dinner?

    1. philangelus

      Nothing special. We’re out of eggs. Would you mind picking some up on the way home?

  4. Wendy

    I think I knew from the fact that you knew she was a she from a distance (calico/tortie is a female coloring). That and it seems like we get so many torties off the streets, and that torties are either described as breathtakingly ugly or breathtakingly beautiful, with personalities to match.

    That and I just knew.

  5. philangelus

    You have Cat Sense. 🙂

    The silly cat, however, has no sense. She’s still headfirst in the trap and will NOT go inside despite the yummy tuna and catnip I’ve put down for her. And the fact that I haven’t fed her since last night.

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  9. Wendy

    You don’t think you could grab her and put her in a box? I know there’s the injured leg to consider. I’d be interested in hearing what the rescuers in your area say about it.

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