Who thought up this ad campaign?

Would someone smarter than me mind explaining why my toilet bowl cleaner proudly proclaims across the label “Kills the flu virus!”?

Is this the number one concern (er, no pun intended) of every American, that they’re going to catch the flu from your toilet bowl?

And might I ask, what are these people doing with your toilet that they’re concerned about catching the flu from it?

(Ironically, one of my cats does have a cold right now. Sniffling and coughing. Pauvre, pauvre pussycat. But she’s also not the one who drinks from the toilet if we leave the lid up. I guess she should have.)

You know how our generation grew up saying “Grandma’s kitchen floor was so clean you could eat off it”? I guess we know what our children’s children will grow up saying about our housekeeping.

My dish detergent, for what it’s worth, does not claim to kill the germs that cause the flu.

But I really shouldn’t be making light of the legitimate concern of millions of Americans, so please allow me to alleviated your fears: If you come to my home and choose to drink from the toilet, you will not be catching the flu from it. Because my toilet bowl cleaner kills the flu virus.

If drinking from my toilet is that important to you, though, I would prefer you not come visit. No offense. I just can’t handle that kind of pressure.


  1. whiskers09092006

    If I ever visit, I promise not to drink from your toilet. I might kiss the cat that does, but I won’t take a single lap for myself.

  2. philangelus

    Thank you, Whiskers. It’s a weight off my mind.

  3. flu ridden from fetteresso

    I shall just drink the cludgie cleaner itself.

    “Flu-ridden from Fetteresso “

  4. Jen P

    My thought was, “If your face is that close to the toilet, you’ve probably already GOT the flu.”

    1. philangelus

      LOL! Good point!

  5. AnotherFaceInTheCrowd

    Silly silly market people!

    S’funny — there’s very very few things that can survive a dip in diluted bleach (concentrated and some bacteria will form spores) and it’s dirt-cheap, but somehow its flu-killing abilities aren’t widely touted.

    Now if they were promising ‘kills Hepatitis B’ now we might be talking. 😀

  6. Cricket

    “Nothing says I love you like a clean toilet to throw up in.”
    — FlyLady

    Meanwhile, have you read the concentration and time required? Most of them are, “Put on pure (or distill first to make even stronger), then let sit overnight to kill 99% of the germs.”

    My method is to flush them down the drain with …

  7. philangelus

    This one’s just squirt on and let it sit five minutes and make sure no one pees in the toilet while that’s going on. Then use a brush and flush the cleaner down.

    It’s a bleach thing, that’s all. And bleach kills flu virus as Dei pointed out. I just want to know who on Madison Avenue thinks someone will be standing in the toilet cleaner aisle thinking, “Gee, I wonder which one will be better…*GASP!* That one kills the dreaded flu virus! I must have that one! And only that one!”

  8. blueraindrop

    i tend to get sick when i have migraines…. i suppose this might be an issue if kiddo had the flu at the time… but i cant say its something i’ve worried about.

    but maybe now i will.

    and maybe i will become worried about it enough to be worked up about it enough to buy the product next trip to the store from a fear created by their very marketing suggestion that i might need to fear it.

    ok… so maybe i won’t… but i could name a few people who probably would.

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