He said hi, or something

A while ago, a friend and I were talking about psychics who claimed they could speak to angels. (Well, could hear back from angels. I speak to angels all the time. So can anyone. It’s hearing the responses that’s a trick!)

She had heard a psychic on the radio taking calls from people who would ask questions, and the psychic’s guardian angel would supposedly answer them, and the psychic would tell the person what the angel said.

My friend said to me, “Angels speak all  languages, right?” I replied that according to the Catholic church, they do, but obviously I’ve never tested it. I can barely speak English.

(Break for a joke? If a person who speaks two languages is bilingual, and a person who speaks three languages is trilingual, what is someone who speaks one language? An American! Thanks a lot, folks, I’ll be here all week!)

My friend emailed back that it would be awesome if someone then called the psychic and asked a question in a language the psychic didn’t know. Something like, {and here she typed out a question in another language.}

She continued, The angel, knowing the language, would understand the question, and then the angel would tell the psychic the answer, and it should (in theory) at least pertain to the question. 

I agreed that this would be a good way to test the theory, and it would be hilarious to trip up a psychic that way on the air.

The next day, as I was writing to my friend, I was about to send the email when I had a really odd thought pop into my head. I hesitated, and then, before sending it, I stuck in, “My guardian angel says ‘hi.’ Or something.”

I didn’t think anything of it until she wrote back and said, “He answered my question.”

The question she’d written was in Japanese. 

In Japanese, “hai” means “yes.” And it sounds just like “Hi.”

She’d gotten her answer.