Hello, hurt kitty: two pictures

Because you can’t live without pictures of our rescued cat, I’ve got some for you. 

We’ve been able to pet her on a more consistent basis. She still doesn’t leave her hiding spot under the desk, but at least she doesn’t appear terrified any longer. Kiddo#1 and I have been “allowed” to pet her, and she no longer greets our hands with a hiss the first time we reach for her.

On the downside, she no longer finds my knitting fascinating. I need to get a cat toy. She appears playful when I can encourage her to actually do it.

Still no final on the name. I’ll let you know if we ever decide. If she’s just Kitty-Kitty forever, well, it’s par for the course with us.

Here she is:


I love how he orange yields to black on her face. On her back, she’s mostly black, but in a spotted-tabby pattern rather than a more typical patchwork calico. The leg that’s tucked up is the injured one. I got a better picture of that here:


The upper part (the humerus?) is thicker and that  appears to be the problem. She has no issues with me touching her upper leg or her shoulder (where she has the BB bullet) but I haven’t touched the lower part of her leg or her paw. I don’t think I have her trust yet enough to try that, just in case she’s hurting. 

(I already feel bad enough that I reached out so she could sniff my finger, and she got a static electricity shock on the nose. Poor thing darted back under the desk! I apologized, but she hasn’t forgiven me yet.)

We’re making some progress, but nothing spectacular. We haven’t even considered introducing her to the other two cats yet, although they sense something’s up, and one keeps hanging around that room hoping to sneak inside.

Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes! I’ll let everyone know when she has a name.


  1. blueraindrop

    she looks a bit like our cat wiggie bell. they’ve called her coloring tortitabby

  2. fwtallgirl

    She looks to me like a Fire or Flame – the orange pattern on her forehead looks to me like flames leaping into a night sky.

  3. Cricket

    It’s interesting that Kiddo#1 is the one who can pet her. It might be age-related, but it might be part of a Plan. Is he the type who would benefit from time spent meditating or being still, as opposed to reading or writing, where his mind is still active? Some studies have found that meditation helps with Aspergers’ syndrome symptoms. If so, perfect incentive and reward, and something he can do that his siblings can’t. Looks like bringing her in was the right decision.

  4. Wendy

    Pretty girl! I like the whole two-tone tabby look. She looks like she’s adjusting; she doesn’t have that miserable expression we see in our new cage kitties (the adults–the kittens usually adjust).

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the leg. Standard gentle handling should be fine. Oldcat had a broken and rehealed shoulder blade that created an unsightly hump on her back, and if it ever hurt her, you couldn’t tell (she would let me know if she was uncomfortable with something). I’d be more worried about whether she’ll let you touch her feet and clip her claws.

    I agree with Cricket: I think Kiddo#1 can approach her because he is being quiet. Cats can sense that low excitement threshold in young kids.

    For just having her a couple of days, you’ve made a lot of progress with her. Keep patient! 🙂

  5. Pam

    That darn static, wrecking havoc all over the world.

    She’s just lovely.

  6. karen ^.,.^

    what a beauty!! those eyes have such spirit.

  7. Deb

    What a gorgeous kitty! She makes me miss mine..

  8. Daniela

    awwww she is so sweet. It took Theo 6 months to come out from under the bed so I wouldn’t worry too much about her hiding when you are about. She will come around – she already knows you love her.

  9. Capt Cardor

    Are her eyes really gold and aquamarine?

    You could call her Aqua.

    Yes, I know. Cats hate water, but those eyes are very captivating.