How’d it work out?

If you made a Lenten resolution, how did it work out?

Back here on the weblog six weeks ago, a few of us mentioned an intention to give something up or take something on for the next six weeks. It was either for Lent or for Self-Improvement for those who don’t do Lent.

I had jokingly said I would write 1500 words a day and try to finish my novel by Easter. Which my Patient Husband said was cheating,since I intended to do that anyhow. I did manage to get to within two scenes of the end regardless. (Now I need another Lent to edit the first draft.)

My “actual” Lenten thing was to listen to the whole New Testament on audio, which I will to finish up on today, only one day late. And for penance, I did without sugar in my coffee. In a word: bleh. I’m glad to note the return of sugar in my life.

For your Monday Morning Question, how’d you guys all do?  Did you find it helpful to have a short-term resolution? Did you change midway through to something better? Did you suffer from Lent Creep?

If you answer on your own blog, let me know and I’ll link back to you. Otherwise, feel free to answer in the comments box.

CricketB has responded on her blog.


Starting next week, I’m moving the Monday Morning Question to another morning. It’s come to my attention that on Mondays, people are busy catching up on weekend blog postings and their actual work, and they don’t feel like answering tough questions until Tuesday or Wednesday. 🙂  I’m fine with that. So I guess Monday will be held on Tuesday next Wednesday. Or something. Have fun!


  1. Illya

    One of the big things I did this Lent was to rise earlier than usual and leave time for quiet reading on a Lenten theme. It worked out rather well. I got up early enough to say prayers with my husband who has been rising early for years to pray while it is still quiet. But then having that extra time to read really gave me a time”set aside” rather than “squeezed in” Nto sure how anyone else feels, but once the day begins with its own set of demands, unfortunately, the world intrudes on any kind of directed focus. I want to continue this practice throughout the year.

  2. Scott

    My resolution lasted 18 min. 🙁

  3. philangelus

    Scott: puts me in mind of that Sylvia cartoon where a woman is sitting behind a desk where she’s written: I resolve to be generous and patient with everyone.

    That’s crossed out, and she’s written, “I resolve to be understanding with the idiots I have to work with.

    That’s crossed out and she’s written, “I will not slap anyone first thing in the morning.”

    I think the title is “New Year’s Resolutions of the barely under control.”

  4. Patient Husband

    I think I did most of what I tried to do, and didn’t grumble about it as much as I might have. Yes, that’s about the best I can manage.

    It’s always struck me as odd that we work harder leading up to Easter than we do afterwards. I managed to attend Mass once a week during Lent, but during other times of the year there’s not even a Mass offered that I can make.

    Illya, my heart trembles when I hear you speak of getting up earlier. Did you even go to bed during lent?