Just a thought…haiku edition

Schoolwork haiku hell.

Haiku’s not a known job skill.

Mom does all the work.

As snowflakes gather

Millions on millions, so do

my five year old’s words.

Frosty school morning.

Waiting parents bunch in a

Single ray of sunlight.

Bus stop children dodge

drops sprayed on each circle pass.

Sprinklers are such fun.

Ideas have run out.

Leave your beautiful haiku

in the comments box.


  1. Patient Husband's Former Officemate

    Small brave carnivores
    Kill pine cones and mosquitoes
    Fear vacuum cleaners

    (rated G – General Audiences)

  2. stutterrockstar

    The words get jumbled

    No use looking for a cause

    Stutter, stop and pause.

    1. philangelus

      Pam, may I? For Josh:

      Words sliced, broken, stuck.
      Be. Be. Be. Behold my heart.
      I’m more than my voice.

      1. stutterrockstar

        Oh yeah, ta-ta-ta-totally. I love it.

        And you certainly don’t have to ask permission. Josh needs to say what’s in his heart

  3. Lane in PA

    Cat Haiku

    You changed my litter
    I cry Why Why Why Why Why
    I leave a surprise

    This warm gift I send
    is all I have to give you
    you no like hairball?

  4. Jason block

    What needs to be fed
    In All Manner of Goodness
    Mind Body and Soul

  5. Daniele Rossi

    Typing on iPhone
    Creates lots of mistukes
    My fingers aren’t thin

    1. philangelus


  6. Emma (FireWalkWithMe on ehell)

    Rabbit likes a kiss
    Never hold rabbit tight
    The claws are sharp

    Hamster is in love
    Bunny does not like small thing
    Love is so hard