Monday morning silliness

About three years ago, I participated in a mother’s group where we usually brought our own coffee. Just starting out, we had no budget for snacks and no coffee maker, plus we never knew how many moms would attend. Could be five, could be one. Could be zero.

I always brought mine in a thermal mug, but the other moms varied between thermal mugs, regular mugs or cups from local chains that sold coffee.

Standing around one day while our children made an unholy mess in the church basement, I noticed one of the moms was drinking from a Dunkin Donuts cup. Not a big deal except that there was writing on the side.

It said “F U.”

I looked at it a few times to make sure I was reading it right, and finally I said, “I don’t mean to be a pain, but I was wondering what happened this morning at the coffee shop.”

I’d been reading Customers_Suck back then (nowadays I read at the less profane for similar subject matter but without swear words that I’d honestly never heard before) and I was kind of worried that if they’d write that on the outside of her cup, what they’d done to the contents.

The other mom looked confused so I asked her why the nice folks at Dunkin Donuts had instructed her to have conjugal relations with herself.

She looked at her cup, then gasped, “Oh! That’s for French Vanilla!”

The moral of the story:
1. Not everyone who tells you F. U. is really telling you off.
2. Penmanship really is important.
3. Never annoy the people who handle your food.

And now, much wiser, go on to enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Pam

    I love it – I go to DD every morning, and get Hay-Hay-Hay- Hazellllll-nut coffee, a large 20 oz one. Years ago, if I was really self-conscious, I would sometimesorder French Vanilla, because it was easier to say! Now I order my favorite coffee, no matter how it sounds coming out.
    If I am feeling really good, I will get BB written on my cup – thats when I treat my self to a buttered bagel, I hate cream cheese.
    When they first wrote BB on my cup, it did take me a moment to figure out what it meant.
    Funny stories.

  2. cricketB

    I need to tell my son this. If you don’t fix your handwriting, you can’t be a … a …. or a barrista.