We’re defeating the lawn!

Remember when the lawn defeated us? The saga continues.

Our lawn mower is currently disassembled on the countertops of Angelborough Small Engine Repair And Chainsaw Maintenance. The guy I called to come cut the lawn for us never showed. Our lawn is a terrible hairy-hairy.

On Sunday, after wading through waist-deep savannah grass in my front lawn, I took the two youngest kids with me to a fundraiser walk for a local boy with Stage IV cancer. It was partially self-interest and partially because this kid’s story is just heartbreaking. He’s a three-year old who’s in the afternoon preschool class taught by my son’s preschool teacher (my son goes in the morning.) So I’ve been getting updates from his teacher on the kid’s condition every so often. It started with a mass in his abdomen, followed by the discovery of several spots on the boy’s lungs.

Pediatric cancer is evil. No three year old should require chemotherapy.

They were having a charity raffle, so I donated a signed copy of my book and a hand-made baby blanket. I had also won a free copy of a book by Brandilyn Collins, and when I asked if she could sign it so I could donate that too, she sent me an extra book for the raffle. (Very very cool of her to do so!)

The morning of the fundraiser I hopped over there before church in order to check out the raffle table and make sure there was at least one ticket in my book’s raffle bin. Because it would be beyond humiliating to get it back if no one wanted it. That’s the self-interested part.

When I arrived, the entire school parking lot was full, as was the back lot, as was the dirt lot beside the school! The boy’s mother showed up and thanked everyone; she was crying. She said a small town can have a big heart.

I bought a bunch of raffle tickets, writing out three for the three different signed books available, only I made them out for the Angelborough Public Library.

Kiddo#3 really, really wanted me to buy a toy duck. He kept trying to drag me away from the raffle table. So I shoved a few raffle tickets into various bins for a few different things, and the last one I picked was for a lawn mowing service. Then we went off and bought him a toy duck.

I found out later the fundraiser earned a LOT of money. Like, far more than I would possibly have imagined. The population of Angelborough times four, that kind of amount.

I got a phone call on Monday. We’d won the lawn mowing service.

God looks out for fools, drunks, the United States of America, and me.

My lawn, the hairy-hairy? It’s about to be defeated.


  1. Jason block

    EBil Lawn getz defeated 🙂 Seriously, as I said…this was fated.

  2. jaed
  3. jaed

    One of these days I will learn not to put raw angle brackets into a post. *sigh*

    (That was supposed to say “<shaking head and laughing>”. Now let’s see if that works….)