Love Finds You In…uh, where?

I came across submission guidelines for the Summerside Press series “Love Finds You” and I think we here at 7A4K1F should consider submitting.

The guidelines, in part, read thus:

In the fall of 2008, Summerside Press™ launched the Love Finds You™ fiction series, which features inspirational romance novels set in actual cities and towns across the United States. […] Additionally, each story in the series should make a clear connection to the name of the town in which it is set. For example, a story titled Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio might feature revenge as a central theme.

So, let’s get started! I’ll send them a query letter for a truly moving love story. I could set it in…oh, let’s see…it should be someplace evocative…

I know! We’ll set in Flushing, NY.

Dear Ms. Meisel:

Latrina Seward, a home-owner in Flushing, NY, finds herself pursued by John, a plumber. She’s just dumped her boyfriend (a real snake) after years of being #2 in his affections. He frequently told her to pipe down, and  that “on a scale of one to ten, you’re an eight.”

On New Year’s Eve, John helps Latrina handle a plumbing disaster and then stays to watch a bowl game. Latrina resists John’s charms, not wanting anything she considers a ball and chain in her life.  Unflappable, he lets his charm overflow into her heart, but she doesn’t think this augurs well.

Over time, Latrina becomes privy to the details of John’s past, and they fall in love. By the light of a quarter moon, John and Latrina decide to take the plunge and get married.

I have enclosed three sample chapters, which I’m sure will make you immediately think of Flushing.

I also have a romance between an accountant and a collections agent, set in Billings, Montana.




  1. Ken Rolph

    I’m glad this is not happening in the UK. I hate to imagine what sort of story would be set in either Upper of Lower Slaughter.

  2. blueraindrop

    a clear connection? thats not nearly as much fun as just any connection.

  3. Lane in PA

    LOL! You are a very funny lady, Jane. “Latrina” initially went over my head, but I am in a fog today.

    I needed the laugh this morning. Thanks! 🙂

    1. philangelus

      My Patient Husband was the one who came up with the name “John,” too. 🙂

      1. Danie Marie

        Oh gosh, that one went over my head. LOL The whole piece is, too funny!

  4. Jason Block

    That was funny….your an eight! HA!

    1. philangelus

      Shamelessly stolen from MAD Magazine, I’m afraid.

  5. Michael J. Hultquist

    “Latrina”, love it. Can you imaging living in Hell, MI? How about Boring, OR?

    1. philangelus

      Dear Editors: Would you like some Boring stories? 😀

  6. Pat

    “With her crown and with his wrench
    He a Brit and she so French
    Never more to smell the stench
    Of plugged up lines . . . .”

  7. Barbara

    Yes indeed. I suppose Asheville NC could be the setting for a pyromaniac’s love story. Oh wait, that’s already been done, and we have the movie on VHS…

    1. philangelus

      Or Ashland, yeah. I like that!

      I favor “Pain, FL.” “Two lovers in Pain.” Or is it the reader?